Respect Existence or Expect Resistance

by Subordinate

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‘Respect Existence Or Expect Resistance' is the debut full-length LP from Subordinate, Hardcore/Crust/D-beat from the North West of Ireland.

The album is now available for full streaming and free download.

The record, which features artwork by Costin Chioreanu will be released via Distro-y Records, Chainbreaker Records , Anarchotic Records, A World We Never Made, Don’t Live Like Me Records, Suburban White Trash Records, Pumpkin Records and also on Cassette via Soleman Records and Chainbreaker Records.


released August 6, 2015

Recorded in The Hive Studios w/ James Eager
Mastered by Enormous Door FX
Artwork by Costin Chioreanu




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DIY Punk label based in SE, England.

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Track Name: Rejection
Shackled by oppressive lies
I want to decide what is right
You can’t tell me how to be

Put in a cage, given the key
When will I find out what it means?
You can’t tell me how it is

I can’t accept this complacence

The path of the ones against
Is riddled with the bodies of the ones obedient
The ones who did obey

Rejection is the choice that we must make

This isn’t the way things should be
There has to be another way
If not, what’s the point of going on?
There has to be another way

Suffering can cease to be
Maybe we could all be free
A departure, a release
A fresh start on society
Rejection is the only solution
The only way out
Track Name: Judge
Judgment based on nothing; unfounded, untrue
Belief in your assumption, critical thought being absent

Judgment – since when do you hold the gavel?
Belief that makes you self-righteous, critical thought being absent

It’s in what you see and what you do
Everything, it’s in everyone

Judge by what you see – crippling belief
It’s matter of fact

You take it from society
Conditioned to exclude you

Everyone is susceptible to jump to conclusions
With no remorse and no second thought
Instead of making a false assumption
Try to see what lies beneath the veil

As we live through this prison
One which we did create
We must not judge others based on appearances
Creating unnecessary conflict; divide and conquer
Now tell me, where does the merit lie in that?

The sun rises and casts shadows around the rich and poor alike
The snow falls on both king and pauper

Destitute, I seek a source of humility
Trapped and locked
I see nothing outside myself
No illumination to guide

The choice is made
Bitterness grows
Shaped by ill will
Resentment flows
I raise a glass to my lips
The chalice handed down to me

Judgment will call you to the court

Judge by what you see – crippling belief
It is sickening
Track Name: Money Talks, People Perish
As money talks - people perish under the waves of greed,
Life is just currency, a commodity.
Recoil in terror at the rows of crosses,
Erected for black gold.
The world has become an investment,
Opportunity to be exploited,
Animals slaughtered, their blood on the shore,
Forests are destroyed.
Sent to early graves for the sake of profit making,
Expendable and faceless drones.

Money talks, people perish,
This game has always been played at the cost of life.
Millions starve, with people murdered every day;
So I ask - what is this?

So many suffer because of self-interest,
Wealth: this virus permeates us.
But it doesn't stop there it affects the whole fucking planet.

It's all related directly to you,
So be responsible about where it ends up.

What would happen if we stopped spending?
The world would fucking collapse.
This reliance shows the extent of which we have been tricked.

It's connected directly to you;
Respect existence or expect resistance.

The green sea came and flooded the world,
It corrupted everything that it touched - it drowned good intentions,
And paved the way for avarice.
Gold rained from the sky tainted, and dripping with blood,
Willfully ignorant, we played in the pools.

Money talks, people perish,
Broken bodies on the rocks.
Scattered carcasses with bones picked clean.
Track Name: Wake
Motionless recipient of thought
Exist now in this empty shell

Beneath a perfect sky
I realize that it’s time for me to wake
And rise
Never to turn back
Wanting to live
I rise above

The pain and sorrow the children of tomorrow
Will experience as they pay for the sins of the father
Is not worth the small changes that can be made

It’s time to wake up now
And be reborn
The clock is ticking away

The message is painted red
With what?
With blood
And what does it say?
It says to get the fuck up
Awake and rise
So we can be free

But what does it mean?
What does it mean to be free?
Are you happy with all aspects of society?
What about a true expression of democracy?
What about you - your fucking liberty?

Let me wake
Track Name: The Great Chain
Haj regö rejtem
Hová, hová rejtsem...
Hol, volt, hol nem:
Kint-e vagy bent?
Régi rege, haj mit jelent,
Urak, asszonyságok?

Ím szólal az ének
Ti néztek, én nézlek
pillás függönye fent:
Hol a színpad: Kint-e vagy bent?

My riddle, where should I hide it?
Outside or in?
Just another legend you may say, and so dismiss it,
Ladies and Gentlemen.

You look at me, I look at you,
The curtain of our eyelids is raised;
Where is the stage? Outside or in?

The basis of democracy
Was a common good
That prevailed in the majority
The great chain

This is why anarchism works
Self-determined and self-governed
People are no longer smothered
It is written on the wall

Most of the time
We are separated from each other
This unites the people and it gives purpose
The great chain

This system is rotting from the inside
The apple fell far from the tree
And what grew in its place was disgusting, putrid filth

Arise! Swarm on the castles
Reparation is coming
Make the jump; put your faith in man
Can it be worse than this?

In the dead of night
Fires burn
Links are forged in the flames
The anger that bubbled for so long inside
It manifests itself
Take form, and take shape
Lead the way to equality
The hammer falls resonate
Strengthening the chain with every blow
It takes everyone to raise the chain

Where would we be now if it wasn’t for following false prophets?
Illegitimate leaders, their stone was set and now it breaks
The tide rises, washing away all the shit
The fire burns, deeper than ever before
An abomination, finally broken apart
Now the time has come, to reclaim lost dignity

The old empire crumbles in the shadows
The ruins are the foundation of the age of the great chain

Demonstrating the merits of autonomy
Self-determined and self-governed
People are no longer smothered
It is written on the wall

As the dust settles
We can rebuild this society

If you look at the world’s problems
Most come as a result of a lack of resources
An uneven distribution
Rectified by adequate allocation
This turmoil would cease to be

Resent the wealth
As we sit down at the table and are served unequally
This breeds jealousy
And creates a consumerist mentality

Feel the pressure grow
To provide the best for your children
It’s all a show
A fucking masquerade

When did we lose our way?
When did we sell our soul?
What was the price for us to sell out?

Staring into an empty void
What will you use to fill the spaces?

I’m afraid of changes to come
What does the future hold?

Everything changes and comes to an end
How long will it last?
Only time will tell
What do we do now?
We move forward
The great chain

This is how progress will be made
Self-determined and self-governed
People are no longer smothered
It is written on the wall

As the dust settles
We can reconstruct our civilization

The dawn breaks the dark
Tears asunder memories of the past
Awaken to a new realm of possibility