Dirty Squatters Compilation Vol 1

by Various Artists

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A World We Never Made & S.E.P.A Presents
"Dirty Squatters Compilation: Music For The Homeless"
Volume 1: Punk/Hardcore/Crust/Grind - DSC-01
Tracks 1, 7, 12, 16 and 26 are exclusive/previously unreleased.

Dedicated to GARY DS, Kat, Caisie & Talli 01/08/2011
Our thoughts are with their friends and family. R.I.P.

DIY solidarity project to raise awareness and funds for squatting and homelessness with all proceeds going to:

SQUASH (Squatters' Action For Secure Homes):

This compilation has been separated into two Volumes, each for a suggested donation of £3. This is a strict non-profit project, £2 of your donation will go to the above charities, the remaining £1 will go towards the official 2xCD Digipack version of the compilation, which in-turn will raise even more money for the cause.

A mailing-list will be kept of the people who donate to the Download version, those who donate £3 or more to both volumes will receive a physical copy on release. Please be patient while we raise enough funds.

Volume 2: Ska/Dub/Folk/Spoken Word can be found here:

Any additional donations here will go towards the homeless charities only, please come to one of our benefit shows if you'd like to contribute more to the physical release!

I'm currently looking for other labels to co-release/contribute to the digipack version with me, so if your a label and want to help out send us a message at the contact details below.

Massive thanks to all the bands, artists, collectives and acts
that have submitted a track and supported this cause and compilation.

Special thanks to Ds-Paul, G-Rant, DS-Dan, Bass-Jon and all the DS Crow Posse/Scrap Rec. Family. Sid Oldpunk (Iron Collumn Rec.) Matt & Bo (Pumpkin Rec.) Nate & Adam (Anarchotic Rec.) AnaSera Chambers, anyone who has helped with this project in any capacity and of course thank YOU for your continued support and donation to this cause and compilation.

Squat & Live.



released August 31, 2013


Concepted, Created & Compiled By Campos

Supervised/Assisted By Sid Oldpunk

Cover Artwork By AnaSera Chambers
Additional Design By James Campos




A World We Never Made UK

DIY Punk label based in SE, England.

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Contact: aworldwenevermade@hotmail.co.uk
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Track Name: Gary DS & G-Rant - Dirty Squatters (DSG Mix)
Here come the freaks, Here come the freaks.
The motherfunking geeks with their downs and their peaks.
Check as they sneak across the roof that leaks.
The crowbar creaks as your ready to peak.
You know, you know, you gotta go where you shouldn't go.

Crusties, Punx, Travellers and Squatters.
2000 Ravers together we're the Plotters

Plot, Pot, Snot, Squat, Shot, Never to be forgot...
Antiques as well we can always sell.

Here come the freaks, Here come the freaks.
Track Name: Greed Force - Reclaim The Streets
Pull down the high rise, open up the sky
Free all the slaves from their suits and their ties
Brick by brick we'll tear it down
Push these corporate cunts out of our towns
Smash all the CCTV cameras, burn down the stately homes
We can Squat the world and fuck the law
We won't lead these lives no more

(there's a) Hundred fucking reasons why
This government should be liquified
The rising cost of living, overbearing charges
If we rally together, to strive for something better
The lives that we lead, will eventually meet our needs
Living off the land, trading hand by hand
Destruction of the news, pushes us to choose
To fulfil our goals, you owe no one your soul
You owe no one your soul!
You owe no one your soul!

Fight back. Take control.
Fight back. Save our souls.

House of lords down on their knees,
No government officials doing as they please.
No person checks, no power abuse
Total equality you'll never lose

Reclaim the streets, from these cheats
Must stand up and hold our ground
Enough of these cunts pushing us around
Not just skins and punks.
Everyone stand up!

Reclaim the streets. Reclaim the streets
Not just skins and punks, everyone stand up!
Track Name: Slug - Blue Blood
Born better are they fuck
just some toffs with too much luck
lookin down from their golden throne
waiting for you to die alone

Upper class Tory scum
Attacking you like a submachine gun
Leaving you with nothing left
It's noting less than fucking theft

Tourist attraction, what a con
we've given in for far to long
waiting patient on our knees
for another jubilee

Filthy rich, dirty money
When you fall they'll find it funny
They'll never know what it's like
Doing all they can to stop a strike

They're holding us fucking back
selling this blueblood crap.
Destroying all we know
It's the Tory blue blood show

Take our money feed us scraps
plain to see theyre holding us back/
money needed for healthcare and schools
but we give in and act the fool.

Private school, ponce in blue
We can all see right through you.
Eccentric twat hiding behind that
When in power,all the walls will crack.

Why do we do it? Why do we give in?
Why do we give them anything?
A dead end tradition, plain to see.
you can bow down but id rather be free.

One rule for them, one rule for us.
upper class in power, we can never trust.
Don't you come near, stay away from me.
Until your dead, we'll never be free
Track Name: Grand Collapse - Grand Collapse
This way of life, much like the resources it callously consumes, is finite. Of this you’re aware but still you persist to hold up this structure, which is built on foundations that cannot withstand this pressure. When it crumbles the people will walk amongst it’s waste, and cry when they evoke memories of times gone by; where the few decreed the many. Alone and in tandem these powerful factions contrive to control and exploit the population. They convince us of their relevance, or threaten us if not; that dominating instinct just won’t go away. What will you do when you’ve taken it all? Or your only dimension has exhausted its ideas? When the people you shat on are knocking at the door; pitch forks, lanterns, feathers, tar. As the crowd begins to form, identity concealed but its wrath on show. In unison; for once in accord. Having dismantled those tacit divides.

Palms begin to moisten as you realize that your most fervent adherents are no longer at their posts. Resentful, but focused, their voices coincide – ‘we’ve had enough of listening to your systematic shite’. Alone and together, no matter the cost. Cracking mirrors, sweeping smoke. Ousting what has forever endured, plagued and scold our every move. Without the fear they had previously suffered, angered hoards advance on their captors. Eagerly anticipating, longing, waiting for their smiles to drop; towers to burn.