Dirty Squatters Compilation Vol 2

by Various Artists

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A World We Never Made & S.E.P.A Presents
"Dirty Squatters Compilation: Music For The Homeless"
Volume 2: Ska/Dub/Folk/Spoken Word - DSC-02
Tracks 1, 9, 10, 18 & 20 are exclusive/previously unreleased.

Dedicated to GARY DS, Kat, Caisie & Talli 01/08/2011
Our thoughts are with their friends and family. R.I.P.

DIY solidarity project to raise awareness and funds for squatting and homelessness with all proceeds going to:

SQUASH (Squatters' Action For Secure Homes):

This compilation has been separated into two Volumes, each for a suggested donation of £3. This is a strict non-profit project, £2 of your donation will go to the above charities, the remaining £1 will go towards the official 2xCD Digipack version of the compilation, which in-turn will raise even more money for the cause.

A mailing-list will be kept of the people who donate to the Download version, those who donate £3 or more to both volumes will receive a physical copy on release. Please be patient while we raise enough funds.

Volume 1: Punk/Hardcore/Crust/Grind can be found here:

Any additional donations here will go towards the homeless charities only, please come to one of our benefit shows if you'd like to contribute more to the physical release!

I'm currently looking for other labels to co-release/contribute to the digipack version with me, so if your a label and want to help out send us a message at the contact details below.

Massive thanks to all the bands, artists, collectives and acts
that have submitted a track and supported this cause and compilation.

Special thanks to Ds-Paul, G-Rant, DS-Dan, Bass-Jon and all the DS Crow Posse/Scrap Rec. Family. Sid Oldpunk (Iron Collumn Rec.) Matt & Bo (Pumpkin Rec.) Nate & Adam (Anarchotic Rec.) AnaSera Chambers, anyone who has helped with this project in any capacity and of course thank YOU for your continued support and donation to this cause and compilation.

Squat & Live.



released August 31, 2013


Concepted, Created & Compiled By Campos

Supervised/Assisted By Sid Oldpunk

Cover Artwork By AnaSera Chambers
Additional Design By James Campos



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


A World We Never Made UK

DIY Punk label based in SE, England.

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Track Name: Andy T - Dirty Squatters
Male and female, young and old.
Thousands locked out in the cold.
Thousands of homeless walk the streets, nowhere to go, no food to eat. Can't afford high council rates, long housing lists aren't worth the wait.
All we want is a right to squat, free from the threat of eviction.
The right to live in derelict houses, free from police restriction.
Loads of empty houses all over town, all you do is knock them down.
You don't think about people sleeping in a ditch, you only bother about the fortunate rich.
You'll all take notice of squatters some day, cause what ever you think we won't go away!

Track Name: Beltaine's Fire - A Brand New Mask
Drum kicks rip through halls like gunshots
some kids kickin a ball, i see cops
out front circling my block they wont stop
till the quota's filled and the prison door's locked
slavecatchers on the prowl for the new plantation
i see 'em and i growl, they're a representation
of everything wrong with our situation
i hate everything about 'em and i hate their nation
i hate the fact that we need to have this conversation
let me spit a couple facts for your contemplation
crime is manufactured, a product of poverty
consider the factors that brought us to these colonies
bigotry and squalor, imperial injustice
when we got here we built the same thing around us
the madness surrounds us till it seems sane
like it was natural to profit off other people's pain

got a brand new mask, but no real change
this nation is still crazy, insane
still the same machine, the same institutions
and we still need a revolution

change is the only constant i expect
and revolution's nothin but just hittin reset
and what it resets to if we don't have respect
is the same damn game that i've come to reject
politics reflect all the worst parts of people
the pettiness and tyranny of scared little men
and i think it's a mistake to take those same people
and give them power that we can't reign in
i advocate abolition, a radical position
but if you take a second, stop look listen
understand my mission, expand your vision
cooperation defines our existence
we evolved big brains to help us live together
escape the ape impulse for hierarchy
liberty is our birthright, it' makes us human
and everybody deserves to live free

old song new words, same game no change
new bombs old herds no shame same blame
stay strong sling verbs raise hell fuck fame
rip shots get heard, tanks take aim now!

tedium is torture, don't waste your life waitin
fight for your future, don't dick around debatin!
every complication is a cause for celebration
if it causes consternation in elite negotiations
from the WTO back to the league of nations
you can draw a straight line to the planned proliferation
of a passive population, human domestication
socialized brainwashing, they call it “education”
we need calm consideration before bomb evisceration
it's more then conversation, it's the foundation of nations
also, their destruction. consider state machine construction
leaders need enemies for the state to function
so peace is the enemy of every government
look at the wars that they wage and the ways that they've spent
the taxes they stole, to fund their control
and dig us all deeper down into the hole
Track Name: Clayton Blizzard - Sad Music Is Uplifting
Sad music is uplifting
That's why I love to sing
Disturbing things
In your ear. (Freemasons run the country...)

The rhyme is in my vein, I hope I flow right through it, and do it
Better than you ever thought I could
Ambition outweighs talent, that's understood, now it's high time I should
Explain myself clearly: Striving to be better than I was yesterday,
And then, again, tomorrow, than we are today.
It's a glow-in-the-dark spark of inspiration,
Imagination lit a flame under my ass –
To audaciously ask; to call for response
With the words we want, and the beats we need
Without succumbing to the same old typical greed.
We breed the inevitability of another day.
With an eye on tomorrow, and a claim on today, all day
In the worst way, from Monday to Friday, still
Cursing, nursing hangovers and waiting for pay day.
(Yeah, you know what that's like...)

I'm the incredulous kid in the crowd, and I can't contain it,
I have to shout out: "The Emperor is naked!"
With my big fat brain I try to overstand, and with
Ten chubby digits on my own two hands, build.
Advertisers should pay reparations to your mates
For aggression, invasion and surveillance of headspace.
News is what someone is trying to conceal, the rest is
Advertising, for a virtual world, that gets unmasked and revealed on battlefields
As time flows inexorably on, like my spiel,
Reason is reason enough for rebellion –
It might be futile, but I'm a Romantic,
Raised on stories and songs, folklore of revolution on
These islands of the North Atlantic.
Now there's a volcano, ready to explode, 'cos
Pressure always comes from below, so I suppose
Hope still lies with the Proles.
I'm still shouting out, without really knowing what about, 'cos
I prefer a chip on the shoulder to a spoon in the mouth,
But this impotent fury gets a lot of us down,
And things still perplex me, like:
Why are people so meek in a relatively free society?
Scared to take a risk with so many possibilities;
Feel the strain of constraint of orthodoxy.
You'd think it might get me down…
But my head's in the stars, when my arse is parked on the ground.

Sad music is uplifting
That's why I love to sing
Disturbing things in your ear
(I write rhymes for birthday cards, and
Jokes for Christmas Crackers...)

We're a lukewarm people, that's why it's hard to integrate
Don't reach out much, but always reciprocate.
Another world is inevitable. 'Cos
Nothin' don't never not just stand still
Collective will will overcome
This rhetorical clash of uncivilised civilistaions
We're presented with conspicuous consumption
As if it's something to aspire to for youths.
It's the saddest thing I've ever seen...
But then, Sad Music Is Uplifting
Had the idealism educated out of my system, how do I get it back?
I just rant on these tracks, 'cos I found a way of arguing where no one argues back
(Except me.) And it's kicking me out of complacency.
I get ubiquitous, like pop songs about loneliness
The difference is, I got a keen sense of my ridiculousness.
They bleed rivers of sorrow for us (we don't care)
Trying to describe the world without retreating to despair, if
All that is solid melts into air.
It gets frustrating, 'cos I keep giving in to consumerism.
And employers; it's sometimes depressing.
The cold truth hurts: coercion works.
There's an irony in all this rebellion caper:
I'm writing radical lyrics up on headed paper,
It makes me feel better about being pissed off.
I find Easy Listening really hard to listen to.
I'm humble with the humble, arrogant to the powerful
Give me half a chance, and I'll give you an earful.
Life is simple…..but people make it complicated.
Constant struggle gets frustrating, but it's cool;
We've been listening to sad music,
Because it's uplifting.

Struggler, keep struggling on...

And you can use this song as your ringtone,
If you're into that sort of thing
It's called
Sad music is uplifting.