by Sewer Trench

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Sewer Trench - S/T Demo/EP available now for free download from A World We Never Made. Cassette release on pro-tapes coming soon!

No sing-a-longs, no catchy riffs or hooks just d-beats,blast beats and distorted noise.


released April 8, 2014

Vocals: Marc Newbrook
Guitar: Einstein Fernandes
Bass: Kezio Oliveira
Drums: Alex Monad

Cover Art by Mark 'Skinny' Orton

All Music by Sewer Trench
Recorded at Survival Studios
Mixed and Produced By Alex Monad




A World We Never Made UK

DIY Punk label based in SE, England.

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Track Name: Alphabet Soup
what the fuck is going on
my hands are going stretchy
and the end is coming soon
apocylipse now in the woods
walking off the fucking floor

an apple gets it in
a smoke and a piss
what the fuck
going numb

in the world of the nether
everything is clay
alphabet soup sinking down
snake eyes watching me
my hands are fucking disney
Track Name: Prisoners Of Religion
killing in the name of god
fighting for a holy war
childrens hands full of blood
of a war that never ends

prisoners of religion
chained by illusion
prisoners of religion
chained by illusion

its just a reason for war
to disseminate segregation
and to create prejudice
a fucking bunch of bastards
Track Name: War For Oil
funding arms for tyrants
supporting evil regimes
backing their sick torture
till the public sways their minds

war,war for oil
instructed by god
war, war for oil
invading strangers land

sending in the drones
chasing down dictators
burn the people for a little wealth
just one thing on their minds
Track Name: No Borders
you're all obstructive
and stupidly outsourced
no one seems to
have a fucking brain
you all say
i don't know
cause you're soulless
i wanna say fuck you

tear them down
burn their wires
cut their papers
no more borders

policies are destructive
and rules oppressive
nothing more
than power hungry fools
you all say
i dont know
cause you're soulless
im saying fuck you
Track Name: All Dead
You're all Fucking sheep
I Fucking hate you all
Just pieces of shit
Your prize wives are gilded cunts
Not better than me
Or anyone else at that
You should be condemned
I wish you all dead.

Your fake conversation
And rude contempt
Act like Patrick Bateman
Without the Fucking balls
Look at me with judgement
Well I judge you back
Fucking running you through
I wish you all dead
Track Name: Winter Of 41
soldiers are marching the streets
what are their intentions
we know they want us out
we know they've take some already
but where and why exactly

they take them to canada
they take them to a new life
they take them to canada
they will set them free
they take them to canada

we get marched onto the train
the train to a free land
a train to canada
weve taken our bags and their word
were going to canada

come with me to canada
we will give you a new life
come with me to canada
we will set you free
here in canada

some go left some go right
they've lied to us but why
the smell of death the smell of fear
why would they were all human
why did they us let it happen

come with me to canada
i will gas you all
come with me to your death
i want you gone for good
come with me to the END.